Slow Bite….But Catchin!

Pretty nice day so far today.  High is expected to be 88 and it is partly cloudy.  Chances for rain late to night carrying into tomorrow morning.  The way the forecast looked, it may be more to the north and east.  We might get something.  Thursday through Saturday is showing a 50% chance for showers…so, that 50% chance it won’t rain!

Still water, water every day.  The equivalent of 1-1/2 units this morning which they ramped up to two units at 11:00 and three by noon.  Running pretty good right now with a little over 10,000 cfs running.

Matt - 8/1/15

Matt – 8/1/15

Carolyn on the water both Saturday and Sunday with Matt and Mindy.  Fun couple!  This was Mindy’s first time with a fly rod, so we started from the beginning.  Roll cast first, mending and line management.  Fast learner and she was doing well in the fast, tight water we worked.   First day, Matt was at the helm and caught most of the fish.  I think he pulled this nice rainbow out stripping the JQ streamer.  The second day, Mindy was up front

Mindy & Carolyn - 8/2/15

Mindy & Carolyn – 8/2/15

and it was her day.  First two fish to the boat were browns. Better day on the water mainly with the black copperhead midge, ruby 2 and lightning bug.  I think we have another woman fly fisher in out midst.  I know Matt hopes so!  Darrell and Dana were also out on Sunday.  They had a group of three guys.  Dana had Paul and Evan from St. Louis.  They fished the ruby 2, red midge, peach egg and fat grub.

Josh's brown - 8/2/15

Josh’s brown – 8/2/15

Darrell’s guy, Josh was fishing a ruby 2 and caught this nice brown.  Stan had Ken and Tom out for the morning.  They were stripping the holographic green crackleback or nymphing the copperhead black midge.  Stan worked them hard, and they caught several fish.


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