Getting Closer!

Heavy rain in some places this morning.  I think most of it was south and east of us as we saw very little at the shop.  Right now it is overcast and only 80 degrees.  We might make the high of 83 today.  Upper 80s the rest of the week and very slight chances of rain.

Yes, we are still experiencing non-stop generation, but the level is getting very close to the 917 feet power pool level.  At noon today, it was 918.79 feet.  Fairly steady flows during the day.  Yesterday it varied from a low of 74 mwh to a high of 129.  Not bad and not a bad flow.

Thursday, Stan took John and Mike out for half a day.  They pulled in several fish and irritated several fish on the size 16 red d-rubbed midge.

Yesterday, Carolyn had James Albert from Louisiana out all day.  This young man chances a lot of red fish and you can certainly tell it with his cast.  We had a very good day on the ruby 2, worm brown micro San Juan worm and big ruby.  Tried hoppers and streamers, with not too much luck.  Just a few lookers and takers.  Stan had Pete and Tim from Oklahoma out for half a day.  They did well on the ruby 2, P&P and holographic green crackleback.





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