Tough Day!

Pretty nice temperatures out there right now.  It is actually in the 80s with overcast skies.  Looks like chances for rain are increasing as the day goes on.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for another day in the 80s and even better chances for rain, especially in the a.m.  Thursday is back into the low 90s and thunderstorm possibility developing in the afternoon.  Hot, but dry through the weekend.

Funky water the past couple days.  Off in the a.m., then the equivalent of two units on around 7:00 a.m. for a couple hours then all four units until late in the day.  Two mornings of ugly, dingy water and lots of trash.  With all the running water time, I guess there’s lots of stuff on the bottom, and especially the banks that were under water, that need to get flushed through.  Hope it doesn’t take too long to clean up.

Jim on the water last Thursday with Richard from Springfield.  Jim was working with him on the different casts and they also caught some fish on the ruby, hot hare’s ear and tiger tail.

Sunday, Carolyn started the first day of a two-day school with Larry from Kansas.  While working on casting, the water looked so good

Larry's 1st on fly rod - 7/19/15

Larry’s 1st on fly rod – 7/19/15

based on what it has looked like (only a little over one unit running and projection for just a little more later in the morning), we decided it might be best to get in the fishing portion and take advantage of the good conditions.  Good idea!  We headed for the water and after working on some more stuff, started stripping the holographic green crackleback and it was great!  Caught some nymph-style fishing with the ruby 2 midge, but stripping the crackleback was the best.

Monday when we hit the river and it was dingy.  We worked a dry fly along the banks with no interest.  Tried midging and stripping, but when two more units came on, the water trashed up even more.  We were on a tight time schedule, so we decided to call it a day and row out.  Stan was out with William

William - 7/20/15

William – 7/20/15

from Oklahoma.  They worked hard and caught a few fish on the tiger tail.  I could hear Stan from across the river grunching about the water!  Jim had Dave from Kansas out for half a day.  They did some casting work and also caught a few fish.  We all agreed it was a tough fishing day.



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