Oh No! RAIN!

As I sit here writing, it is raining frogs and catfish!  As we have experiences for the past several weeks, we are under a flash flood warning…..again!  Forecast is for more rain off and on through tomorrow and possibly into Thursday.  Better get started on the ark!

Stan on the water all day yesterday with Dan and Lorne.  These two guys are here for the annual antique fishing show being held in Springfield, Mo. this year.  Couple of fun guys with great knowledge of antique fishing gear of all kind.  They had a great day on the water with the tiger tail and insect green soft hackle.  Brian and his son, Dustin, spent the day with Dana.  Very good day for these guys two.  They were fishing the size 16 red d-ribbed midge, peach egg and ruby 2 dropper.  They saw all 5 eagles on their float out!  Nice finish to the perfect day.

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