Chocolate Water!

Rain!  What we need is a little more rain.  NOT!  Forecast for today is 60% chance of rain.  Just got off the water and we had a 5-10 minute shower while we were out there and another good downpour right after we got back to the shop.  Maybe that will be it for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow’s chances are pretty slim.  Sunday is calling for afternoon showers and Monday says showers late.

Four generators running today and that remains constant through Monday.  No reason to think it will not continue this way for a while.  Everyone has lots of water.

Sunday Stan had Mike from Iowa on the water late Sunday.  Good day for Mike stripping the tiger tail and drifting the ruby 2 under the big ruby

Madison - 6/29/15

Madison – 6/29/15

Carolyn got to take new fly fishers, Dad (Darren) and daughter (Madison) out for their first time fly fishing Monday.  I think these two will be doing a lot of fly fishing together over the years…..certainly hope so.  They both picked up casting quickly and looked good.  Great, fun day on the water.  We started out working on the roll cast, then the regular cast and some work on line handling with a fish on.  Paid off as both of them were throwing some good lines and definitely catching fish on the black copperhead midge, ruby 2,  and stripping the tiger tail.  They are getting ready for a family trip out to Montana and Wyoming.  Gina had Dale and his friend Doug out for the day.  They had a great day on the ruby 2, JQ streamer and tiger tail

Dale - 6/29/15

Dale – 6/29/15

This was Doug’s first time fly fishing and

Doug - 6/29/15

Doug – 6/29/15

he was a natural.




Sunday Stan had Mike from Iowa on the water late Sunday.  Good day for Mike stripping the tiger tail and drifting the ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Jacob - 6/30/15

Jacob – 6/30/15

Tuesday, Darrell took David and his son, Jacob out for half a day.  Very good day for these guys on the ruby 2 and the JQ streamer.  Stan had a couple from Tennessee, James and Lisa out for the morning.  They had a fun day catching on the ruby with the ruby 2 dropper and the white grub.  This was Lisa’s first experience with a fly rod and she did very well.  Carolyn had Gerrie and Rob out for their first day of three days they booked of fishing.  Don’t try to take a picture of these two when they catch a double (both hook and bring

Gerrie - 6/30/15

Gerrie – 6/30/15

in a fish at the same time).  What a fun day on the lightning bug under the big ruby or stripping the tiger tail.

Chuck and Laura from Kansas fished with Stan all day Wednesday.  Lots of fish for these guys on the tiger tail and big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.  Gina took Derek and his son Bart out for half a day.  Lots of first for these two fishers, first drift boat trip, first time catching a brown (we are still catching lots of browns), and first time streamer

Bart - 7/1/15

Bart – 7/1/15

fishing.  They were stripping the tiger tail and JQ streamer or drifting the ruby 2 or black copperhead midge.

Derek - 7/1/15

Derek – 7/1/15

Carolyn had Gerrie and Rob out for their second day.  Another good day, but not quite as good as the day before.

Thursday, Tom from the Kansas City area hit the water with Carolyn for a half day trip.  It almost came to an immediate stop when we looked at the chocolate water!  Lots of rain Thursday morning and every stream was running.  In all the years I have fished Taneycomo I have never seen the upper area look like this!  We decided we’d try a few places to see if anything could find our flies, and if not, off the water and try another day.  First fish to the boat was a beautiful 17 inch brown.  Great!  Well, as it turned out, water started clearing and we started picking a few fish.  Turned out to not be a bad day, but certainly not a banner day and Tom worked for every fish he caught.   Stripping the tiger tail was the best way to go that day.

Friday was Gerrie and Rob’s last day with Carolyn.  What an ending!  Great day,  The rain held off and the fish were hungry.  They were eating so well that several of the fish we caught had their mouth’s full of tiny scuds, midge pupa and worms!  How could they even think about eating one of our midges?

Rob - 7/3/15

Rob – 7/3/15


Gerrie and Rob - 6/30/15

Gerrie and Rob – 6/30/15

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