Busy Weekend!

Seeing a whole row of 90s until Thursday and Friday, when the predictions are for upper 80s.  Not much in the way of rain, just slight chances on a few days.

Generation here continues to be almost non-stop.  They did cut back on the flow a little over the weekend.  The equivalent of two units in the a.m. and late p.m. with the equivalent of three units during the day.  Monday looks like they are going back to the off for two to three hours in the a.m. then ramping up to the four  units by noon or so.  Off again late in the evening until early the next morning.

Stan had John and his son Wyatt, from Illinois on the water last Thursday morning.  They did not let too many fish slip by them on the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper or stripping the tiger tail.

Friday, Peter spent the morning on the river with Carolyn.  Fish were spotty but we pulled a few out on the ruby 2.  Highlight of the day was Missy, or we are starting

Missy or Murphy?

Missy or Murphy?

to suspect it might be a Murphy!

Yesterday looked like everyone was trying to get in a great weekend on the water at the same time!  When we dropped our drift boats in, two different kayak groups came in, plus a pick up with an individual pontoon, small jon boat and some other water craft pulled in and six to eight boats were drifting by the boat ramp.  Thought we were going to have to get a traffic control person to get all of us organized!  When the dust settled, Jim took Dan and Rob from Kansas out for half a day.  Fairly new fly fishers, so Jim worked with them on various skills.  They caught some fish on the ruby, hot hare’s ear and the tiger tail.  Carolyn and Stan had a family of four, also from Kansas, out for the morning.  All were new to fly fishing, so the tough conditions made it even tougher.   But,  everyone caught or had some fish on with the ruby 2 or peach egg pattern.  Stan took Lisa and Trev, and Carolyn had Tony and Tatum.


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