After All The Rain…No Complaint On The Heat!

Finally, it has quit raining.  It has been an interesting week with all the rain, flooding, road closings, and even some water rescues.  Fortunately, no injuries and no major property damage.  Certainly tore up some roads and a parking lot up the street.  I think a few cars on a car lot were damaged.  We are now in a heat wave, but like I said, I’m not complaining.  I am seeing very little chances of rain over the next 7 days.  Tuesday has a 40% chance of afternoon showers.  That could certainly change by then.

Looks like we will see four units running 24 hours/day for a while.  They might cut back a little Monday or after Monday.  Remains to be seen.  The Corp is addressing a lot of issues with all this water in the system.

Stan squeeked in a half-day trip last Wednesday when he took Susan and Lionel out for half a day.  They just got to the take out and the sky opened up.  It was a ruby 2 and peach egg pattern day for these two.

Jim and his folks, Wendy and Roger, from Wisconsin did not fair as well on Thursday.  They fished most of the morning in on and off rain, more on than off.  They caught fish on the ruby, ruby 2 and hot hare’s ear nymph.

Saturday, Carolyn took Jeff and his son Jack out for the morning.  We worked hard and caught a respectable number of fish on the tiger tail, peach egg and ruby 2.  Both can throw a pretty good line and their best pattern was probably stripping the tiger tail on the 3.9 ips sinking leader.  Stan was out with Tracy and his daughter, Brighton.  Their best pattern was the peach egg pattern.

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