More Rain!

We have had rain off and on today.  So far, not as much as they had earlier predicted, but we still have tonight.  Tomorrow looks like another day of off and on rain.  Good news….Saturday and Sunday should be warm and sunny.  An the forecast for next week looks dry.  No more until next weekend…..of course!

Needless to say, we are still seeing two generators and, so far, eight flood gates.  So far, Beaver Lake is holding it’s own.  No increased in level in 24 hours.  Table Rock is almost exactly where they were 24 hours ago.  Sounds good, but we still have not seen the effect of the runoff from this rain plus we will get more.

Jim - 6/17/15

Jim – 6/17/15

Gina on the river yesterday with her Wednesday regular, Jim.  Not a bad day considering the water.  High water, lot water, they always have lots of fun and catch fish.  It was a ruby 2, JQ and Tiger Tail streamer day.  Stan took Mike from Texas out for half a day to show him some unique water and fishing.

Mike - 6/17/15

Mike – 6/17/15

Big Ruby, ruby 2 and a peach egg were their patterns for the trip.  Almost forgot one of the highlight of their trip.  Sitting in the drift boat and this shadow goes under the boat.  Big paddle fish!  Stan said it was probably 6-7 feet long.


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