Flood Gates Are Off!

Beautiful weather predicted for today.  Sunny and highs in the low 80s.  Sunshine is the prediction for the next three days with temperatures in the 80s to low 90s.  Rain has moved out a little in the forecast.  Looks like mid week before we see chances of showers again.

Table Rock Lake is now below 920 feet.  Think that was their target for turning off the flood gates.  However, we still have a little over two feet to go before we are back at power pool.  It should not take too long with the four generators going to get this down.

Dan - 6/26/15

Dan – 6/26/15

Dan and John from Dallas Fly Fishers on the water yesterday with Stan.  Good day for these guys on the big ruby, ruby 2 and stripping the Tiger Tail.  They still had the five gates and four generators going while they were out there yesterday.  Today, another river.  Two feet lower than yesterday,  and definitely a little less force in the water.

John - 6/26/15

John – 6/26/15


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