Cool Down Coming!

Looks like temperatures will be in the 80s for a few days.  Although mid to upper 80s, it’s still better than 90s!  Chances of morning thunderstorms tomorrow with increasing chances as the day progresses.  The weekend looks dry with chances of showers sneaking in again by Tuesday.

What can I say about the water.  It’s still running.  Currently they are running two generators and still have the flood gates open, so we are experiencing approximately 19,000 cfs.  They are scheduled to turn on the third generator at 5:00 pm so the flow will increase.  Based on the projection for tomorrow, it looks like the fourth generator might be on line.  With that in mind, they may be about to shut down the flood gates.  Can we hope!?

Mike - 6/23/15

Mike – 6/23/15

Mike and his son, Brandon from Ohio, fished with Darrell Tuesday.  Good day for these guys on the

Brandon - 6/23/15

Brandon – 6/23/15

ruby 2 and stripping the tiger tail.  Jim had Jack and his grandson, Zac out for the day.   Good day for them on the ruby, brown San Juan worm and stripping the tiger tail.

Jack and Zac didn’t get enough Tuesday so they spent another day with Jim on Wednesday.  Even better day for them on the same bugs.  I think Zac even out fished his grandfather.  Stuart, from Arkansas fish with Stan for half a day.  They had a good day on the ruby and ruby 2 midge.  Wednesday Jim spend the day fishing with Gina.  Good day for them on…you got it….ruby 2 and Tiger Tail!


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