Another Good Day On The Water!

Love this dry spell.  Looks like nothing of major concern until this coming Monday when there is an 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms.  We can always hope they disappear.  Next week looks like a little more chance for rain scatter throughout the week.

And the flood gates and two generators saga continue.  No change in sight right now.

Fishing continues to be good.  Roger and Gary from Colorado were on the water for half a day with Stan on Wednesday.  Good day for these two on the usual big ruby and ruby 2 or P&P dropper.  The fish are really starting to lay up in their normal high-water spots.  Jim had John from Arizona out all day.  They had a very good day on his regular patterns, ruby with hot hare’s ear or ruby 2 dropper.  John brought a nice 21 incher to the boat.

Gary - 6/4/15

Gary – 6/4/15

Gary was surprised when he got on the river with Stan Thursday to find this good of fishing in Missouri!   Good day for him on the big ruby with the ruby 2 or P&P dropper.  Darrell had Lee and Steve from Oklahoma out for half a day.  They thought they would mix up

Steve - 6/4/15

Steve – 6/4/15

their golfing with a little bit of fishing.  Good day for these guys too.   If I remember correctly, Steve is pretty new, if not brand new to fly fishing.  Carolyn had

Jim - 6/4/15

Jim – 6/4/15

Jim from Arkansas out all day.  Very good day for Jim.  Some hookups but lots of misses stripping the JQ streamer on the 3.9 ips sinking leader.  Most of the fish were on the ruby 2 dropper in most cases either from the big ruby or a peach egg pattern.  We actually caught one fat female full of eggs!  Jim pulled this nice 17 inch bow almost off he bank.  Sorry the picture really doesn’t do him (the fish) justice.  He was beautiful!


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