Still No Generation

We have seen no generation every day this week.  Only one unit on for about an hour any time from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Not sure what this weekend will bring, but expect to see little, if any, generation.

Rain forecast yesterday, and we did receive a little, yesterday late morning.  We have rain forecast again today.  There was a chance this morning, but so far, nothing.  They sky keeps looking nasty then changing its mind.  The prediction was for rain this morning, then clearing.  Best chances for more today are right around sunset.  Friday and Saturday have an 80% chance of rain.  Sunday and Monday look like 60% with Tuesday dry.  Slight chances Wednesday, but Thursday has a 70% chance.  As always, this has been a moving target.

Scheryl 050215

Scheryl – 5/2/15

Fishing has been a moving target too.  Some days are better than others, but overall, folks are catching fish.  Last Saturday, Stan took Matt & Scheryl, from Lee’s Summit out for half a day.  This was their first time fly fishing and they had a great time.  Ruby 2 and copperhead black zebra midges.

Matt - 5/2/15

Matt – 5/2/15

Bill, from Protem, spent Sunday morning on the water with Carolyn,.  He wanted to get a better feel for places to fish and what works best where.  Best patterns were the holographic green crackleback and/or JQ streamer with the 2.6 ips sinking leader.  Also did well on the ruby 2 dropped below a black zebra midge.  Mission accomplished.  He got a better feel for the

Bill - 5/3/15

Bill – 5/3/15

various places he can try.  Darrell had Jack, from Indiana, out Sunday and again on Tuesday.  They did well on the holographic green crackleback trailing the JQ streamer.  Jack has fished for steelhead over the years and this was fun for him.

Wednesday it was a group from Texas.  Dana had Ray and Richard out for the morning.  Their patterns

Ray - 5/6/15

Ray – 5/6/15

were the ruby 2, copperhead black midge and white grub.   The other two guys from Texas were Lester and Mike.  They fished with Stan and had a great day on the black copperhead midge and white grub.  With no water running, everyone opted to stay high and it certainly was a good decision.

Richard - 5/6/15

Richard – 5/6/15

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