More Fun Days On The Water!

Cool and wet so far today.  Supposed to clear up this afternoon. Tomorrow looks like a nice day with temperatures in the upper 60s and sunshine!  Slight chance for showers on Friday; increasing for the weekend.  60% on Saturday and 50% on Sunday.  Next week temperatures go from upper 70s into the 80s but up and down chances for showers all week.

Still running a solid two generators every day.  Nice thing is that the fish are where they should be.  Bad thing is it makes for difficult wading.

Gary - 5/18/15

Gary – 5/18/15

Darrell on the river Monday with Gary from Oklahoma.  Very good day for Gary on the ruby 2 and P&P midges. Good quality as well as quantity of fish to the boat.  Ed, from Arkansas, spent half a day with Stan.  They too had very good day.  Ruby 2 under the big ruby most of the trip were their patterns.  Kept threating storms all day, but both trips pulled it off

Will 51915

Will – 5/19/15

Awesome grandsons, and wonderful grandparents were Gina and Carolyn’s treats to take out on Tuesday.  Kathi and Bill took Will and Ryan out for a day of fly fishing.  The young men had both done a little fly fishing several years ago, but with all their other activities, you know how that

Ryan - 5/19/15

Ryan – 5/19/15

goes….so this was a day of dusting off the cobwebs for them.  Bill and Will were with Gina and they fished a big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper most of the day.  Carolyn had Kathi and

Ryan.  It was the copperhead black zebra under the big ruby most of our day.  Obviously, it didn’t take the

Kathi - 5/19/15

Kathi – 5/19/15

guys very long to get with it.  It was a catching day for everyone.  And again, nice quality fish.  Several 16 inchers as well as a few 17 to 17+ inchers.

Bill 051915

Bill – 5/19/15

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