Lots of Wading Time!

No generation, except for one unit for one hour late in the day, yesterday and again today.  The projection is for more of the same tomorrow as well as Monday!

Weather is also favorable until Wednesday when we might see some rain.

Jim - 4/29/15

Jim – 4/29/15

Gina on the river this past Wednesday with her regular, regular, Jim.  He had a great day on the silverhead black zebra midge, ruby 2 and P&P.  Happy man when he came into the shop that afternoon!

Carolyn had a two-day school with Scott from Arkansas.  She even let him catch some fish!  He caught fish on the ruby 2 while nymph-style fishing, a caddis green soft hackle while emerger fishing, and a

Scott - 5/1/15

Scott – 5/1/15

holographic green crackleback stripping with the sinking leader.  Enough fish we lost count, but the main thing, he can walk into the river, rig up for whatever he wants to fish and thrown a good line.   Doc and Terry from Oklahoma spent all day on the river with Stan.  Wonderful day for these guys on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Anytime you get those two guys together it is a hoot of a day.  Stan was beat up when he got off the river.

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