Flood Gates Closed

Little damp this morning.  Light rain which should be gone later this morning.  However, slight chances all day.  Tomorrow we again have chances of rain….best chances are early afternoon.  More of the same for Sunday.   By Monday we are looking at very little chance for rain and Tuesday looks perfect.  Sunshine and mid 70s.  Back to 60% chances for Wednesday and Thursday, and possibly into the weekend.

Well, they turned the eight flood gates off around 3:00 p.m. yesterday.  Table Rock is at 917.0  What they ran with the flood gates was equivalent to a good, healthy four generators!  Today they have a full two generators going.

Stan and Jim both on the water yesterday.  Good day for everyone.  Jim had Billy, from Illinois out for half a day.  Good day for them on the big ruby, hot hare’s ear in a size 14, and the copperhead black

J - 5/15/15

J – 5/15/15

midge.  Stan had “J” from North Carolina.  J is pretty new at fly fishing so this was a baptism by fire. J was catching on the big ruby, the ruby 2, and a peach egg pattern.

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