Thunder boomers early this morning and sounded like lots of rain.  So far, it is looking pretty good for the rest of the day.  Slight chances for rain tomorrow and Tuesday looks like a dry day!  Yeah!  60% chance Wednesday, then slight chances Thursday and Friday.  Back to 50% by the weekend.

Two units all weekend and projected again tomorrow.  Although we are slightly below power pool right now, with the rain we received this morning, we will probably be above power pool tomorrow.  We’ll just have to see what they do with the water this coming week.

Trips out the past couple days.  Darrell took Dave and Jeff, from

Lee - 5/15/15

Lee – 5/15/15

Kansas out Friday.  Very good day for these guys on the ruby 2 and JQ streamer.  Stan and his guy, Lee, also have a very good day on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Saturday was a drenching day.  We not only had one downpour, but a couple more.  Thank goodness the fish don’t care.  Several of us did however.   Stan had Bill and Jason out for the morning.  Another good day on the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.  Ed from Kansas, spent the morning on the river with Darrell.  Ruby 2 again and

Ed - 5/16/15

Ed – 5/16/15

the JQ streamer.   Dana and Carolyn had a group from here in Missouri.  Dana took Nick and Gary and Carolyn had Tyler and Jim.  Good day and good time had by all on the ruby 2, red midge, peach egg and red San Juan worm.

Tyler 1 051615

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