Beautiful day today and we expect to see another nice one tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the forecast is showing a 60-70% chance of showers through Sunday.  We don’t need any more rain!

Until this past Saturday, we saw one unit come on in the afternoon and a few days one in the morning for an hour and then off all day.  Good wading time.  Sunday they turned on two units around 9:00 a.m. and they never went off.  Today they opened up eight flood gates8 flood gates.  During the storms this weekend, they lost a transformer differential and can’t generate power with two units.  Since the lake is predicted to crest at 918 msl, they are required to release 15,000 cfs.  Since they can only pass about 7000 through units 1 & 2, they will be spilling approximately 8000 cfs through the spillway.  It will probably be several days before we get back to some form of normal.

Jim on the water last Thursday with David & Gary from Oklahoma.  Good day for these guys on the ruby and P&P midges, and the hot hare’s ear nymph.

Thursday they spent half a day on the water with Darrell.  Another good day.  This time on the rusty and ruby 2 midges.  Jim had Tom from the Kansas City area out for half a day.  They worked the JQ streamer, the ruby midge and the hot hare’s ear nymph.

Pam - 5/10/15

Pam – 5/10/15

Saturday was the first day of a two-day school for Glenn and Pam from Kansas.  Looked like rain Saturday afternoon, so we started the day at a pond learning the roll cast and pick up and lay down casts.  We beat out the rain which came while we were inside doing the classroom learning of gear, knots and bugs.

As we launched the boat on Sunday to do the second day of school, the

Glenn - 5/10/15

Glenn – 5/10/15

horn went off so we knew we were going to see a little water.  No problem, they have only been running it for an hour in the morning then shutting it down.  NOT!  Sunday was the beginning of non-stop generation for a while.  We rigged up quickly to fish the rise with some red San Juan worms and drifted to the Lookout Island.  Let’s learn something while we are out here in all this water, so we got out of the boat and did some streamer fishing.  JQ streamer on the 2.6 ips sinking leader gave both of them an opportunity to catch fish stripping.  Looked at radar around noon and decided it was time to get on down the river.  Too late.  By 12:30 I think the sky opened up!  Anyway, school will reconvene on another, hopefully, sunny and dry day.

Danielle - 5/11/15

Danielle – 5/11/15

Stan on the water Monday with Danielle and Jesse from Texas.  These fairly new fly fishers had a very good day on the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.  Two units on at 6500 cfs made for a good drift.  They loved it.

Jesse - 5/11/15

Jesse – 5/11/15

Lorelei 051215

Lorelei – 5/12/15

Tom and Lorelei from Wisconsin decided they wanted to try fly fishing.  What a day to pick to do that!  Little did we know the flood gates would open up on Tuesday.  Despite the adverse conditions, they both managed to bring several fish to the boat.  Plus, they had a great time.

Tom - 5/12/15

Tom – 5/12/15

Not on the water today.  We are sitting a day out so the water can stabilize.  We fished the water successfully during the 2011 flood and know that it does fish, but gets better after it stabilizes and the fish move into their comfort zones.

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