All Ten Gates Now Open

Ten Gates - 5/27/15

Ten Gates – 5/27/15

Opened up the other two flood gates this past Wednesday.  Not a major increase in flow, but we definitely know it is a little heavier than it was with just the eight.   We will see a continuation of water flow, whether it just be from the generators or a combination of generators and flood gates for some time.

Rain chances again today and tomorrow and then I think we have three days that look dry!  That would certainly be nice so we could get caught up on dumping the lakes!  With all the rain it hard to get ahead of the game.

Another great day for Jim who was out with Gina this past Wednesday.  Beautiful 17 inch rainbow.  Black copperhead midge in the morning and then the

Jim - 5/27/15

Jim – 5/27/15

ruby 2 in the afternoon.  They were on the water when all ten gates opened up.  Didn’t hurt Jim’s fishing any and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Stan had one of his regular regulars out too.  Gene, from Kansas, made his annual visit to fish Taneycomo.  I think this is the most water he has seen as I don’t think he missed the year of the flood in 2011.  They had a good day on the ruby 2 dropped from a peach egg pattern.  Don and Tim from Virginia spent the morning with Jim.  First time for Tim so he spent part of his time learning the “how’s”.  Good day for these guys on the ruby/ruby combination or the hot hare’s ear dropper.

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