Water Is Gong Down

Since the 27th, they have dropped Table Rock Lake a little over one foot.  YEAH!  We have one more foot to go and we will be at power pool.  Should start seeing a little off generation time when we get to that level.

Gorgeous day yesterday!  Sunny and in the upper 70s.  Today it is cloudy and in the low 60s for far and it is almost noon.  Slight chances for rain today and tomorrow and the prediction was that we would see mid 70s today and tomorrow.  I wouldn’t want to bet on today.  Friday looks like it will be wet….90% chance of morning showers and thunderstorms.  However, the weekend looks dry and mid 60s.

Stan and Jim both on the water Monday.  Needed to see if we could find fish with all this water.  Stan took Jack and Mary Kay to Turkey Creek where they found several cooperative fish.  Best pattern was the P&P midge under the big ruby.  Jim hit the main part of Taneycomo and he found fish in many of the normal high-water locations on the JQ streamer and a ruby 2 midge.  Not barn burner days, but enough fish to keep you happy and have a good time.

Jim had Mark and his friend, Chuck on Taney yesterday.  This was baptism by fire for Chuck as it was his first time fly fishing.  Hope he doesn’t think we fish water like this all the time!!  They caught and missed several fish on the JQ streamer, the ruby 2

Kathy - 3/31/15

Kathy – 3/31/15

and hot hare’s ear nymph.  Kathy and Ron from Louisiana spent the day with Carolyn.  They worked hard and we hit any place we saw fish.  I’d say good to very good day on the ruby 2, black copperhead midge and the holographic green crackleback.


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