Lots of Rain This Morning!

Hit the floor at 4:30 this morning when a clap of thunder and the sound of heavy, blowing rain woke me up.  Seemed like lots of rain, but so far, Table Rock Lake has only come 2/10ths of a foot.  However, I’m sure it will come up some more.  The good/bad news is that they are running four units almost full capacity and the projection is for more of the same tomorrow.  Right now, no major chances for rain for several days and temperatures in the mid 60s for the weekend and70s to 80s for next week.

Gina on the water Wednesday with her regular, Jim from Monett.  They were scheduled for a full day, but came off early when the thunderstorm and lightning were looming in the horizon.  Until then, however, they were having a good day on the black #16 d-rib midge and the black copperhead midge.  Stan was also on water.  He had Don and Gary from Kansas out for half a day.  They started late and found shelter from the rain where they waited out the storm, then back to fishing!  Good day for them too on the same patterns, black r-rib midge and black copperhead midge.

Several boats out tomorrow so we’ll see how she is fishing!



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