Just Back From Montana!

Just got back from Montana early this morning.  That’s a whole nother story…later.  Okay!  What’s been going on here on Taneycomo?  Looks like the weather is good and will continue to be good.  Slight chance of rain tomorrow, but otherwise, mid 60s tomorrow and 70s through Friday.  After that, 80s through the weekend into Monday.

No generation all weekend.  A little blip this morning and projected for 2-4 units to be on this evening from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.  Tomorrow looks like units on for three hours starting at 6:00 a.m. the off until 8:00 pm. again for three hours.  That leaves a lot of wading time!

Last Monday, Jim took Jerry and Ken out for the day.  Great day for these guys on the ruby 2, JQ streamer and the regular ruby.  Only negative for the day was the 30 mph winds we seem to be making a habit of here lately.  Darrell took Spencer and Kacee, from Texas out

Kacee - 4/20/15

Kacee – 4/20/15

for half a day  Great start for these two new fly fishers and newly weds!  Kaycee landed a nice 18 inch rainbow, and they both had a good morning of catching on the ruby 2, black copperhead midge and black zebra midge.  Wanda had the urge to catch a fish, so she spend the morning fishing again with Carolyn.  Great day for Wanda too on the Ruby 2, P&P and copper dun midges, all dropped under the big ruby.  Again, it was a

Wanda - 4/20/15

Wanda – 4/20/15

WINDY day!

Tuesday Kurt and Sue from Arkansas, spent the day with Stan.  These two fly fishers had a greaty day on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Two units running and WINDY!  Beginning to sound like a broken record!  Sue was very happy with a

Sue - 4/21/15

Sue – 4/21/15

nice 19-3/4 inch rainbow she caught.  Just could not stretch it that extra 1/4 inches to make it a 20 incher!   Chad started his fly fishing adventure with us in 2009.  Since then, like the rest of us, he is, for no other way to put it, addicted!  He is working on getting his new wife of two years, Julie, addicted.  They spent the afternoon on the water with Carolyn catching fish on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Julie also caught a few fish on the

Julie - 4/21/15

Julie – 4/21/15

holographic green crackleback stripping under a 2.6 ips sinking leader (you didn’t think she would get away without trying that).  Meanwhile, Chad was pulling the JQ streamer and having a great time.  Wonderful day, again except for the WIND and two units.

Chad - 4/21/15

Chad – 4/21/15

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