Great Days On The Water

Although 4-5 days ago it was forecast that today had a 90% chance of rain, we are looking at sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s today.  Beautiful day.  Upper 60s tomorrow and a chance of rain.  Unfortunately, rain just keep bouncing in and out of the forecast.  Right now, we have had enough.  Want to get this water back to wading levels!

Had three mornings last week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, where they had no generation from midnight until 6:00 a.m.  Then they cranked on one or two, then three and finally four before the day was over.  This weekend, they ran the equivalent of two units all weekend.  Monday’s projection is the same, the equivalent of two units.

Lots of trips on the water this past week and fishing has been great.  Everyone catching good numbers and good quality fish, and the weather has been great.  A little windy a few days, but no one is complaining except us guides when we are trying to get a good drift or just sit in one spot!

Stan had Doc from Oklahoma on the water Friday.  Lots of fish on that little ruby 2.  More of the same for Jill and Danielle.  Lots of fish on the

Danielle - 4/10/15

Danielle – 4/10/15

ruby 2.  Jill’s daughter Danielle wanted to try fly fishing, so Jill decided to come along for a good mother-daughter day.  By the end of the day Jill’s

Jill - 4/10/15

Jill – 4/10/15

comment was “I’d do this again…it was fun!”  I think we might have two more fly fishing ladies in our midst. Jim and Dana had a group out of Texas.  Jim had the guys, Paul and Mark and Dana had the ladies, Gail and Tere.  More fish to the boat.  Paul likes pulling streamers, so they were pulling the JQ.  However, they also fished the red midge, ruby midge and hot hare’s ear.  The ladies were catching on the red midge, a big ruby 2 and a red San Juan worm.

Gail - 4/11/15

Gail – 4/11/15

The Texas group hit the water again on Saturday.  This time the ladies fished with Darrell and drug fish in all day on the ruby 2.  Jim had Paul

Tere - 4/11/15

Tere – 4/11/15

and Mark again for more streamer and indicator catching.  Stan had an afternoon trip.  Todd, from Kansas was attending a meeting in the area and just had to wet a line.  He had fished with Stan once before and decided it was time

Todd - 4/11/15

Todd – 4/11/15

to do it again.   He could not believe how fat the fish are.  Yep!  it was the ruby 2 under a big ruby!

We have been sending several folks who want to wade or fish from the bank over to the creeks, Roark and Turkey creeks.  Good reports on these areas from the fishers coming back to get more flies.  One of the couples who fished the mouth of Roark about four days ago said almost any midge color they threw at the fish the fish were taking them.  A gentleman came in this morning to get more ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.  Said he did very well at Turkey creek.  Certainly work looking at until they shut down the water.  Fishing is just good.  Your challenge is getting to them!


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