Fat Fish!

WINDY!  The wind is out of sight here today.  All the boats were grunching about yesterday’s wind, but today it much worse.  Nice couple days ahead with temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s.  However, by Sunday, we are looking at chances for thunderstorms early.  Hope it’s early, we have boats out Sunday.

Not running quite as much water as they have been, but I think we will see continued generation each day for a while at least as we are still a little over a half a foot above power pool

Jim - 4/8/15

Jim – 4/8/15

Even with all this water, however, fishing continues to be very good.  Gina had Jim out again and they had a great day on the ruby 2 and the black d-ribbed tunghead midge.  Darrell had Jacob and his grandfather, Mel out for half a day.  This was a new

Jacob - 4/8/15

Jacob – 4/8/15

experience for both of them and they had a great day on a big ruby 2 with the rainbow warrior dropper.  Stan had Dave, from Arkansas, out all day.  They hammered them on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Jim had Derek from Dave 040815Illinois out for half a day.  Took him out again on Thursday.  Couple good days for them on the ruby, hot hare’s ear and the JQ streamer.

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