Lots of Rain and High Water!

Boy did we get dumped on last night.  Raining a little this morning, but it should give way to sunshine this afternoon.  Possibility of more rain tonight and into early morning.  By Sunday, however, they are promising warm weather again.

Lots of generation right now.  We are about one foot over power pool right now and I am sure it will continue to go up as we get the run off into Table Rock Lake.  This will probably equate to us seeing more generation for a while.

Stan on the water Tuesday with Marvin and Richard.  Marvin is from Indiana and Richard from Kansas.  They try to meet here every year and fish and their wives go shopping.  Pretty good deal!  Very good day for them Tuesday on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  So good, they went out again yesterday.  Whole new day, but, after a slow start in the morning, they hustle several fish to the boat, again on the ruby 2/big ruby combo.  We’re waiting for weather reports right now as they want to go out again today!

Jim - 3/25/14

Jim – 3/25/14

Wednesday, Jim took another float with Gina.  After the slow morning start, they pulled off a very good day on the ruby 2 and pink San Juan worm.

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