Behind Again!

Gorgeous weather….upper60s to low 70s and sunny for several days.  Of course, we have to pay our dues, so today and part of tomorrow is in the 40s and rain!  That’s alright.  Friday we hit upper 60s again; low 70s on Saturday and mid to upper 60s through most of next week.  I am seeing a 70% chance of showers next Wednesday.

Generation has been pretty stable at a low one unit almost every day all day.  This can limit the wading area, but there are several places where you can wade with a low one unit.  It makes a great drift unless the wind is flowing 90 mph up stream!!!!  Did have that a couple time this past week.

Don and Steve from Illinois had a great day on the water with Stan last Wednesday.  It was one of those low flow days so they used the big ruby with either the P&P or size 18 ruby dropper.  Jim was out with Peter from Kansas.  Jim had Peter on the hot hare’s ear and the ruby midge.

Sam - 3/12/15

Sam – 3/12/15

Thursday, new fly fishers Doug and his two sons, Sam and Ethan spent half a day on the water with Stan and Carolyn.  Everyone caught a lot of fish and these nice fish put a smile on Sam and Ethan’s faces.  Good job guys!

Ethan - 3/12/15

Ethan – 3/12/15

Carolyn took Wendy and Melody out all day Sunday.  Another beautiful day and great fishing.  Melody set the bar for the day with one of her early catches.  We never hit this mark again, but did bring a lot of fish to the boat on the big with with the ruby 2 under it.

Melody - 3/15/15

Melody – 3/15/15

Steven, from Oklahoma, and his nephew Evan spent all day Monday with Stan.  Lots of fish on the peach egg with the ruby 2 dropper.  Also caught some stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Dana and Darrell had a group from Oklahoma out for half a day. Good day for all these guys.   Bill and Carter fish with Dana and they fished the ruby 2 and a red San Juan worm.  Darrell had Stephen and Jennifer.  Their best pattern was the ruby 2.

Finally, we are up to yesterday.  Jim out with Larry and Dan from Kansas.  Still fishing very good for these guys on the red midge, hot hare’s ear nymph and the JQ streamer.  Darrell had Dave and Jake out.  Lots of misses on the holographic green crackleback on the sinking leader.  During their outing, they caught a couple browns on the ruby 2.  Last, but not least, Carolyn finished up a 2-day school for Kent and Chris.  She worked them hard on casting and techniques.  Finally let them sit back and catch fish and it was madness for a little while on the black copperhead zebra midge dropped under the big ruby.  Several doubles floating the high bank below look out island.  Kevin and friend, Joe from Kansas, were out with Stan.  Good day on a peach egg with the ruby 2 midge dropper.

I know….what is the ruby 2.  It is a modification to the regular ruby midge we tie with holographic red tinsel and a natural tungsten beadhead.  Changes are:  copper beadhead, black thread and black wire spiraled around the red holographic body.  Still on the TMC 100 hook.  We have been fishing it for several months now and there have been many days when it fished better than the regular ruby.



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