Another Beautiful Day….but, High Water

Another 70s day here today but there are pretty good chances we will have some stormy weather late this afternoon.  That will knock down our temperatures into the 50s for a few days with slight chances of showers.  By Sunday, we will be back into the upper 60s or low 70s.

We have seen 3-4 units running in the morning every day this week.  They have cut it back a little in the late morning, but still at least a full unit or more running the balance of the day.

David - 3/22/15

David – 3/22/15

Sunday, Darrell took David, from Illinois out for half a day.  Great day.  Good weather and a low one unit running all day.  Lots of patterns worked, the copperhead black midge, ruby 2, holographic green crackleback, but probably best of the day was a prince nymph on the 2.6 ips sinking leader stripping.

Stan on the water Monday with Terry and Rob from Wisconsin.  Even with 3 units running all day and the water up and down from 4000 cfs to 7000 cfs, it fished very good.  Terry and Rob had great day on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Carolyn took Ron, also from Wisconsin out for half a day.  Ron had to set his mark high early in the trip with a nice 20 inch rainbow he caught drifting the weighted red San Juan worm under a big ruby.  We also fished the black copperhead midge,

Ron - 20" rainbow - 3/23/15

Ron – 20″ rainbow – 3/23/15

the ruby 2 and the lightning bug and caught fish on all of these.   Fun day!  David and Darrell were on the water again on Monday.  The crackleback stripped below Lookout Island was their best pattern for the day followed by the ruby 2 midge.

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