Super Bowl Is Over….Let’s Go Fishing!

Saw real light snow flakes this morning.  It was actually kind of pretty as the sun was out!  Weather folks say it is going to be in the upper 30s today, mid 50s tomorrow and Wednesday, then back down into the 40s Thursday.  Good news is that Friday starts 50s again and Saturday should be low 60s with Sunday in the upper 50s.  We can handle that.  Another good week of weather during this winter season!!!

Water was off most of the weekend.  Saturday, they ran some water in the morning then shut it down through Sunday.  Just like most every day last week, today, we had a couple units run for a couple hours this morning, then off.

Tom and Jeff from Kansas City, spent a half day with Jim Saturday.  Good day for these guys on the size 10 JQ olive streamer or bug-eyed bugger.  They also did well on the white grub.

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