Another Great Weekend!

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy this great weekend we just had.  Temperatures in the 70s both days and low flow on the river!  The next two days will be a little nicer than normal for this time of the year….temperatures in the mid to upper 50s.  However, Thursday will dive to the upper 30s and the weekend looks like 30s, maybe lower 40s.  Back to the real time of the year!

Generation of some type pretty much non-stop since last Wednesday.  However, over the weekend, they did do what they projected with a low one unit running most of the time and a nice 703.8′ level plus or minus, at 1200-1500 cfs.  Nice flow!   It’s wadeable in areas and a great drift!

Claire - 2/7/15

Claire – 2/7/15

Neat couple on the river Saturday with Carolyn, Claire and Ben.  They are both attending college in Arkansas and Ben wanted Claire to get a taste of fly fishing to see if she would like it.  They hunt together and he was hoping she would go fishing with him too.  Well, I think he succeeded!  Her words were, “I love it”!  It was a great day on the water.  Definitely one of those magic days where everything is working.  Great weather, perfect flow of water, fish were hungry, and Claire picked up on the basics very quickly.  Lots of fish for both of them on the P&P and

Ben - 2/7/15

Ben – 2/7/15

the ruby midge under either the Lightning Bug or a #16 black midge.  Of course they caught fish on the  holographic green crackleback on sinking leaders!!!  Claire liked this technique as she likes to look around and enjoy the scenery. Claire had a great day for her first time fishing, fishing with a fly rod, and the picture was her first time holding a fish.  Won’t be the last.

Ben – 2/7/15

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