Heat Wave Is Coming!

So far, we have dodged the bullet with this rainy/icy weather forecast.  Yesterday and today we were under a wintery conditions alert and actually, it has not been too bad.  In the 30 degree area with little wind.  It actually was not too bad out yesterday and today is definitely okay.  Especially for this time of year!  However, the weather forecast for this coming Friday through the weekend is calling for 50 degree days!   A heat wave!  An no moisture is in the forecast.  Dust off that fly rod……

Non-stop generation for at least the past 7 days.  Some of it has been fairly low, but they have also run enough to raise the level to 708 feet or better in the tailwater.

Few folks out fishing the past few days…..not many.  But for those who are fishing, reports are that the fish are cooperating.  Yesterday was on nothing in particular, but almost anything you fished.

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