Wintery Blast!

What happened?  Wednesday is was in the 60s.  By Friday afternoon, we had 6 inches of snow on the ground and more coming.  This morning it was -1 degrees.  Snow has stopped and it is 24 degrees.  The prediction is for low 30s tomorrow and Monday.  By Tuesday, we might see mid 30s and even a little higher as we move into the weekend.  

Needless to say, with this cold snap everywhere, generation has been non-stop.  They had the equivalent of a full three units running this morning (using four units).  We are seeing a low  three right now with the tailwater level in the 707 range. 

Teresa - 12/3/13

Teresa – 12/3/13

Before frigid weather, RB and Teresa spent half a day Tuesday on the river with Carolyn.  RB has been fly fishing for a while, but Teresa was (emphasis on was) pretty new to the sport.  Good, fun day for these two.  With three units going, we had the opportunity to fish a few different places, including behind the long island at the Pointe.  Good day on the big ruby with a lightning bug dropper.  Down the high bank from Lookout Island, we dropped the white grub from the big ruby and continued hooking fish.   

R.B. - 12/3/13

R.B. – 12/3/13

Wednesday, Stan had Don and John, from Illinois on the water for half a day.  Good day for these two, as it usually is, on the big ruby, a lightning bug dropper or a black zebra with a gold head dropper.

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