Fishing Picking Up!

Great weather we have been having for the past few days, and expect a couple more days of nice weather before it turns north!  Thursday is the beginning of a definite drop in temperatures.  Probably low 30s Thursday and dropping to the upper 20s Saturday.  Even a chance for a few show showers on Friday!  Not ready for this!  Staying in the 30s until maybe Wednesday of next week…then low 40s.  Definitely better!

Non-stop generation for Table Rock for the past week.  3-4 days of flow which had the tailwater in the mid 703 range, but other than those days, a little more water than is easy wading.  Looking for 3-4 units tomorrow.

Fishing has definitely picked up.  All indications are that Table Rock Lake has turned and the dissolved oxygen levels are certainly looking good.  An annual tradition for the past several years.  Brandon and Brenda spend the day after Thanksgiving on the water with Stan.  It has been cold almost every time, but Brandon’s mother, Brenda, is a real trooper.  Warm hat, warm neck wrap, heavy jacket, and she is ready for the day.  They had another good day on the water this year on the big ruby and peach fur bug.  Topped off the day with hot soup for lunch!  Jim took Al and his friend Mike, from Arkansas out for half a day.  Both pretty new to fly fishing and they had a good day on the ruby midge, a brown San Juan worm and a peach egg. 

Kyle - 11/29/13

Kyle – 11/29/13

Saturday, Jim and Stan took a father and his two sons out for their initiation into fly fishing.  Stan had Dad, Gerrall and son, Kyle.   They did well on the pink egg.  Jim took the other son, Bryan.  Bryan fished a ruby midge, a CQ streamer and a gray scud.  Everyone had a fun day!


Gerrall - 11/29/13

Gerrall – 11/29/13

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