A Little Color In The Trees!

We are starting to see a little more color on the hillsides.  Every once in a while, you will spot one lone, gorgeous tree in full Fall color!  Other than a chance of rain tomorrow, looks like more cool days in the mid to upper 60s all the way through the coming weekend.

Pretty much the same generation pattern we have seen for several weeks now.  No units on in the morning then one to three or four units (but only running it at the equivalent of two) coming on from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. and staying on until 9:00-10:00 p.m.  No reason to think this will chance soon.

Busy week.  Stan on the water last Tuesday with John and Tom, aka Mutt and Jeff.  Good morning for these guys on the P&P and red midge. 

Thursday, Jim had Jim, from Illinois, out for the morning.   Best pattern for Jim was the CQ streamer.  They tried several other patterns, but this was the producer.  Don and Phil, from Oklahoma spent the day on the water with Stan.  They had a great day on the P&P, ruby midge and the red San Juan worm (when the water came on). 

Mike with 18" rainbow - 10/11/13

Mike with 18″ rainbow – 10/11/13

Friday was a flotilla.  We had a group of seven guys, which was to have been eight, but one of them got stuck in Seattle, on the river all morning.  Dana had Shan and Jade.  They were catching on the clown egg pattern and a red bead San Juan worm (again, on the rise).  Carolyn had the newbie, Mike.  Not for long.  Mike caught on quickly and did well, including a nice 18 inch rainbow, on the hot hare nymph.  When the water came on, we fished the rise and caught fish on the big ruby and a red San Juan worm dropper.   Mitch and Walt fished with Jim.  They worked the CQ streamer, P&P and blood worm dropper.  Last, but not least, Stan had Mike and Pat.  They did well on the P&P and red San Juan worm.  Everyone worked hard for their fish, but they all had a great time!

Walt and Jan, and their son, Bart, and his son, Jacob fished with Carolyn and Stan Saturday.  Carolyn put Walt and Jan into fish mainly on the CQ streamer.  We pull a few on the hot hare, but when we finally zoned in on a spot with the CQ, Jan was on a roll….a new “stripper” was born.  Stan’s guys did best on the copper dun midge.

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