Good Day On The Creek!

Okay, we have a couple more nice December days and then the cold snap moves in.  Today and Saturday will be in the 60s and Sunday in the upper 50s.  Yuk moves in Monday when the high will be mid 30s.  40s on Tuesday, moving into the upper 40s Wednesday and back into the 50s by Thursday.  Better get out and enjoy this weekend!

With the spastic generation we had Wednesday and Thursday, there is a slight possibility the water will be off for the weekend.  they ran one to two, even three generators all day for the past two days and half a day on Tuesday.  Today, the projection is for a very low one generator for three hours this morning then off until 6:00 p.m. when we might get one generator for a couple hours.

Jim on the water yesterday with Jim and Jack from Springfield area.  Jack is new to fly fishing, so Jim took him under his wing and has him casting and catching now.  Says he still needs to work on his false cast.  They had a good day on the creek (Taneycomo) catching on the CQ streamer, a copperhead black zebra midge and a red San Juan worm. 

Had folks coming into the shop during the week who were doing very well on the P&P midge.  Of course, most of this week has been nice and sunny.  Sending fishers out today with the rusty and copperhead black midges.

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