Enjoying This Nice Weather!

Although it has been overcast the past two days, the weather was great, especially for this time of the year.  Very nice yesterday with temperatures comfortably in the upper 50s and very little wind.  About the same this morning, but it is after noon and it seems to be cooling down a little.  We had rain early this morning with thunder and lightening.  Prediction for tomorrow is mid to upper 30s for the high and low 20s for the low.  Shiver!  Tuesday, mid 40s and back into the 50s Wednesday with mid to upper 50s Thursday and Friday and low 60s for Saturday.  No rain in the forecast. 

Lots of wading time Friday.  They ran the equivalent of one generator for about an hour last in the day.  Saturday, we had one generator then two generators and then off some time after noon.  Today it has been a low one generator most of the day, with a low two mixed in for good measure for a short period of time around 1:00 p.m. 

Kevin and his friend Steve, from Sullivan, MO. were on the water all day Saturday with Jim.  Both of them have fished with him several times before, like once a year.  They had a fun filled fishing day catching on the CQ streamer, red San Juan corm and the copper headed black midge.  Jim says they “set a record for missed and lost fish!”  But they definitely did their fair share of bringing in some fish.  Darrell and Carolyn had the Kerrs from Louisiana on the water for a full half day.  We all did well on the copper headed black zebra, the mouse gray sculpin, a white midge , and the white grub.  A good time was had by all!

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