Dodged That Bullet!

Looked like we were in for some snow, but as it turned out, not a flake in the area.  It is, however, cold!   Especially compared to what it was just 3-4 days ago.  High today is predicted to be 35.  With the sunshine we are seeing, we’ll probably hit that.  Tomorrow and Friday should be in the low 40.  Slight chance for some moisture, either rain or snow Friday.  chances, at this time, are no more than 30%.  Saturday looks sunny with a high in the mid 30s and Sunday might hit the mid 40s and partly sunny.  New Year’s eve day and New Years day both look like low 40s, again with slight chances for precipitation.   Okay, I’m ready for Spring!

Now, what can we say about the generation?  Have seen no generation since Sunday at midnight.  It was off all day Monday, Tuesday and the projection for today is no generation until 5:00 p.m today for four hours.  Then, off again. 

Brad - 12/23/12

No reports on fishing for the past two days, but Sunday was very good.  Gina had Dale and his friend  Brad on the water for half a day.  They had a very good day on the red midge, a size 18 Primrose & Pearl midge and the CQ streamer and filoplume.  The later two were being stripped on a sinking leader.  Other folks I talked to that day and some who had been fishing on Saturday also said fishing was very good on almost anything they wanted to throw. 

Dale - 12/23/12

 Some of the guys fishing below the fish ladder had a great day pulling olive wooly buggers.  Indications are that the lake has turned.  Oxygen levels in the tailwater are very good.

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