December in Like a Lamb!

What beautiful weather!  Even last week was nice, but the first two days of December are great.  Yesterday was in the upper 60s, and today and tomorrow will be in the lower 70s.  It was partly cloudy yesterday and again today.  We did have some wind yesterday!  Light winds predicted for today and a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms for tomorrow.  Tuesday through Thursday is predicted in the low 60s, with upper 50s by Friday through the weekend.  Right now there looks like a chance of showers by next Friday.

Generation has continued to be kind to the waders during this past week….even yesterday (Saturday).  Today is another story.  They are running the equivalent of one generator today, as projected.  However, they projected one generator all day yesterday and it was off most of the day.  Projection for tomorrow is one generator for a couple hours in early morning, then off the rest of the day until about 5:00 p.m.  Cross your fingers.

Stan on the water half a day with George from Bennett Springs.  They had a very good day on the P&P and ruby midges.  Just a little cool that day, so the thermos of hot soup hit the spot!

Charlie and Pete spent half a day with Jim Friday.  Another very good day.  Their patterns were the size 10 CQ streamer, an 18 rusty midge and the blood midge.  This was Pete’s first time fly fishing, so it was more instructional for him.  Shannon and Carolyn ventured out for a couple hours Friday afternoon.  He did well on his “hot hare’s ear” nymph.  Carolyn was pulling a mouse grey sculpin.  Probably missed more than I brought in!  Too nice a day not to go out for a little while.

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