What Beautiful Weather!

The days have been absolutely lovely.  Little brisk in the morning, but by mid morning, the sun is out, temperatures warming up to upper 50s or low 60s, and with no wind blowing, this is great.  Looks like more of the same except for the possibility of Monday night.  Temperatures through Friday are low to mid, maybe upper 60s.  The weekend after Thanksgiving looks like upper 50s; sunny Saturday and some clouds on Sunday.

What can I say about the generation schedule that has not already been said.  During the week we are still seeing quite a bit of wading time.  For whatever reason, they insist on running it some during the weekend!  Last weekend we had all the ladies here….they ran it all weekend.  This weekend it is beautiful….they are running it this weekend.  Fortunately, most of the time it is one or maybe a low two and you can wade in some places with this amount of generation.

Pat - 11/16/12

Stan on the water yesterday morning with Pat from California.   Running two generators when they put it but it was at the equivalent of not quite a full one generator.  They had a good day on the red midge and size 18 ruby midge.  Carolyn took herself fishing and had a great day….just getting to fish!  Good day on the big ruby with the little ruby dropper, but best fun was on the golden variant sculpin stripping it on the bottom using a 200 gr. 24′ sink tip fly line.

Pretty 20" rainbow

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