Nice Weekend….then a cool down!

Looks like a good Friday and Saturday are in store for us.  That’s the good news.  Sunday looks like a chance of showers with temperatures starting down.  By Monday, showers chances decrease, but so does the temperature…..low to mid 40s!!!  After Monday, all next the temperatures are in the low to mid 50s.  Time to get out the warm clothes.

Generation schedule has been somehwat like a “March Hare”.  Not sure what it is doing.  They say they are going to run…and they don’t.  The say they are not going to run…and they do.  Anyway, it is off this morning (was supposed to be on from 8:00 a.m. to noon)…….to be continued…

Daya on the water Sunday with Damon from Lee’s Summit.  Good day for Damon on the rusty and P&P midges.  Wayne and Colleen, from Hawaii, braved the cooler weather and spent the day on the water with Jim.  Water was a little up and down, but they had a good day on the size 10 CQ streamer, and a size 14 miracle scud.   Stan had Matt and Paul from George out for half a day.  These two also did well on the rusty and P&P midges. 

A little cooler Tuesday, so Wayne and Colleen only stayed for a half day on the water with Jim.  Another good day on the CQ streamer, and the rusty midge with a blood worm dropper.  Bob from Michigan comes every year for the Veteran’s activities they Branson does so well.   But, he always has time to spend at least one day on the water with Stan.  They had a good day on the Big Ugly with a P&P dropper.  Took the Big Ugly several times!  Bob likes stripping that crackleback too, and it was working.

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