Looks Like Warm Weather Coming Back!

It certainly has been a bit nippy the past couple days.  After such a nice day Thanksgiving,  yesterday and today are down right cool!  Yesterday was a gloomy 40s day and today will maybe hit the mid 40s.  Good news, sun is out.  We start a slow warm up, upper 50s tomorrow, and by the weekend it will be in the upper 60s or better. 

Good old generation schedule.  Another weekend of generation, and then off most of Monday!  They are running some thig morning, but it is projected to be off by late morning and not come back on until early evening.

Trish - 11/21/12

Carolyn on the water all day last Wednesday with Mike and Trish from Texas.  Great day.  Fish on almost anything we threw, holographic green, silver, or red cracklebacks.  Also,  the CQ streamer, olive filoplume, mouse gray or golden variant sculpin patterns.  It was a stripping day.  Good weather too.  Friday, after Thanksgiving, they went out again for half a day.  Good thing as it was

Trish - 11/23/12

cold!    Notice the difference in attire from Wednesday to Friday!  Not only cold, but the wind was relentless!  It was a good half day.  Obviously not as many fish as on the first full day, but good day on the filoplume, CQ streamer and the primrose & pearl midge.  The grant finale to our day was after we had left the river.  During the drive back, an eight-point buck and three does were standing in the

Mike – 11/23/12

middle of Hatchery Road.  We stopped the car and watched them for a good 3-4 minutes before they moved on. 

Stan also on the river Friday with Brandon and his mother Brenda.  This is the fifth year in a row these two have fished on the day after Thanksgiving with Stan.  This has to be one of the most miserable days they have spent because of the cold and wind.  But, they had a good day catching on the big ruby, the P&P, and stripping a holographic green crackleback. 
Saturday, Kenny and Andrea were on the water all day with Stan.  Another good day on the red midge, the P&P and size 18 ruby midge.  Pretty cool when the hit the water, but it warmed up to the mid 40s and NO WIND!
Sunday, Dana had Mike and Preston out for half a day.  The day started out good, but then the water level started moving around and guess the fish did to0.  Pretty much shut down near the end of the trip.  Best patterns were a size 14 P&P, and the red midge.  Stan  had a couple of new fly fishers out for a late start half day, Ron and Judi from Kansas.  These two had a ball catching on the P&P dropped below a size 16 red midge.  Judi caught the largest, and Ron caught the most.  They like fly fishing!

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