Trees Are Turning!

Had a little weather over the weekend.  Rained Friday and Saturday nights.  Fortunately, everyone was able to get on the river both days before the rain.  Biggest problem was the wind.  Today is pretty windy too.  Looks like upper 70s and low 80s through Wednesday, when we will have a chance for showers again.  After Wednesday, temperatures drop to the mid to upper 60s through next weekend.  Good news, no rain.

We continue to see mostly wadeable water every day.  Each day this past week, they have turned on the equivalent of one low or one full generator for only 2-4 hours during the day.  Otherwise, no generation.

Despite the dry summer, with the rains we have had off and on the past couple of weeks, we are seeing some color in the trees.  It’s not going to be our normal Fall colors, but it is still pretty.  It is especially pretty floating down the river to see the colors along the river. 

Gary and Debbie, from Florida, spent last Monday morning on the river with Darrell.  Good day for these two on the P&P and black copper head midges. 

Mountain Dance - 10/9/12

Stan and Carolyn had a group from Texas out for half a day Monday.  Carolyn took Carolyn, aka Mountain Dance, and Stan had Jack and Mary Kay.  Good day for everyone on the P&P and holographic green crackleback. 

Wednesday, Dave and Lynelle, from Kansas City, spent a full day with Stan.  Good day for these two on the #18 black zebra with copperhead, the plain black zebra and a holographic green crackleback.  Mountain Dance had to catch some more fish, so she spent the morning on the water with Carolyn again.  Another good day on the black copperheaded zebra and when they fired up a generators, we went to a larger black midge with a cerise San Juan worm dropper.  Also caught a few stripping the golden variant sculpin.

Larry, from Overland Park, KS. and a friend, Lucy, from Texas, spent most of Saturday with Stan.  Little tougher day Saturday, especially in the morning ( it has been slower in the mornings from 8:00 until 10:30 or so), but pulled off a good day as it progressed on the P&P midge.  Lucy caught a nice 19″ rainbow.   Jim was out on an instructional session with a family, Tom, Jo Lynne, and their son, Jason. 

Mike – 10/13/12

Darrell had Mike, from Oak Grove, MO. out for a long half day.  Took them a while, but they pulled off a pretty good day on the P&P, copper dun and black copperhead midges. 

Hearing reports from customers that they are seeing some brown trout in the upper area around the Hatchery.  Not in any great numbers, but definitely more than two or three.  Some have probably hooked on to a few as they are reporting a hard hit, run and ‘snap”! 

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