Had a little rain Tuesday night and some sprinkles during the day yesterday.  Otherwise, it was a pretty nice day.  Sun in and out most of the day.  Today is sunny, but a bit cooler.  Looks like we will be in the mid 60s today with lots of wind.  Tomorrow should be 60s again.  By the weekend we will be mid to upper 70s and mostly sunny.  Slight chance of rain early next week but temperatures continuing in the upper 70s.

Surprise, surprise when we check the level this morning and found they were generating four generators!  Haven’t seen that in a while.  However, I think we need it.  The water was getting pretty “ucky” with very little generation each day.  They had projected a low one this morning, with a ramp up to a low two and then back down to a low one for the afternoon.  To be continued…..we’ll see what they really do as the day progresses.

Three boats on the water Tuesday.  Pretty day with low water.  Jim had Craig & Gail from Michigan out all day.  Good day for these two stripping the CQ streamer.  Dana had Ron from Connecticut out again.  They spent their half day strilling crtacklebacks and the CQ streamer.

Bob - 10/16/12

First fish on a dry fly for Bob from Oklahoma, who spent the morning on the water with Stan.  The Big Ugly nailed this fish, or the fish nailed his Big Ugly!.  Good day for Bob on the Big Ugly, P&P midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback. 

Few more reports of seeing some nice fish cruising.  Still no great numbers, but at least fishers are seeing some.

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