Frost Is On The Pumpkin!

Scraped ice off my window yesterday.  The past three mornings have been in the 30s.  Fortunately, it did warm up during the middle of the day, but the wind has been downright nasty for the past 4-5 days.  Looks like another morning in the 30s tomorrow, then a slight warm up.  Morning temperatures in the 40s with the days warming up to the mid to upper 60s.  By the weekend the projection is low to mid 70s, and clear skies.  Sunday some precipitation might be moving in which will increase in chances by next Monday.

This past week has probably seen more water running time that water off time.  Today, however, they ran a low two generators for a couple hours this morning and it is now off and should be for the rest of the day.  We had up and down generation both Friday and Saturday.  Last Thursday was pretty nice with a low one generator for a couple hours in the middle of the day.  Tomorrow, we will have a low one generator early in the morning, ramping up to a low two, then back down to a low one.

Fishing has been good almost every day this past week.  Stan had Mike from Iowa on the water this past Monday morning.  Good day for them on the P&P under the Big Ugly.  Matt and his wife, Gievanna, from Kansas, went out for half a day with Darrell.  They too had a good day.  They were fishing the P&P and the black zebra with the copper head.  Jim had a couple of his regulars, Morgan and Larry, from Georgia out all day.  They were catching fish on the CQ streamer, or a blood worm dropped under the P&P. 

Tuesday it was Joe and his friend, Darrell, from Springfield out for the morning with Stan.  This was Darrell’s first time fly fishing and he picked up casting pretty quickly.  They did well with the red midge dropped under the big ruby as they had three generators running when they put in.  It dropped down to two units, and lots of wind. 

Jill - 10/23/12

 Carolyn had Bryan and Jill out for the day Tuesday.   Jill is pretty new to fly fishing, but she seems to really like it and is catching on fast.   Think our best pattern was the ruby midge.  Also caught fish below the Lookout Island stripping the holographic green crackleback and a CQ midge. 

Jim left town, so Wednesday, Carolyn took Morgan and Larry out for half a day.  Good day for these guys on the CQ streamer, filoplume and a size 18 ruby midge with a blood worm dropper.  Stan and Darrell had a group from Arizona out for half a day.  Darrell took Dave and Clark, and Stan took Tom.  Darrell’s new fly fishers had a good day on the P&P midge.  Stan had the ruby or the P&P on Tom. 

Richard - 10/24/12

 Richard and his son, Kevin, from Nebraska spent the morning with Dana.  They did well with the P&P midge dropped from the Big Ugly.

Dan - 10/25/12

Thursday, Gina took Dan and his son Danson out for half a day.  Dan has been out with Gina before, but this was Danson’s first time.  These guys are from Texas.   They had a good day on the copper dun midge dropped from the Big Ugly, or the P&P midge.  Dan also caught a few stripping the CQ streamer.  This was the day the cold front came through and the fish shut down around noon.  They mnaged to get off the water just before the rain started.  Another one of those windy days!

And another windy day, Friday.  Darrell and Stan had the group from Arizona out for another half-day float.  Big ruby with a small ruby dropper for Darrell’s guys, Clark and Dave, and the red midge for Tom who was with Stan. 

Pam - 10/26/12

 Doug and his wife, Pam from Kansas spent a late morning start half day on the water with Carolyn.  Pam now has the nickname of “trout magnet”.  She had a very good day on a P&P dropped from an egg pattern.  Doug was just going to go along for the ride and watch Pam.    That didn’t last long.  Before we knew it, Doug had a P&P dropper from his red midge.  Several nice 15-16 inch rainbows for for Pam.  Fun day on the water, despite the [email protected]!

Dale - 10/27/12

Yesterday, Gina took Dale and Glenn from Oklahoma out again.  good day for these guys.  First and biggest fish of the day was a 17-1/2 inch rainbow on a Big Ugly.  Other flies were the P&P or ruby midges dropped under an egg pattern.    Stan had Jim from Oklahoma out all day.  they did well on the red midge and the P&P midge.  Vicki and Steve from the St. Louis area spent the morning with Darrell.  They had such a good time last year, they wanted to try it again.  Good day for them on the P&P and red midges.

Fishing is good.  Talking to lots of fishers and everyone is catching fish, still on lots of different patterns.  Black or olive leech patterns, black zebra midges, red midges, P&P, gray scuds, cracklebacks, small wooly buggers, the CQ streamer, different color sculpin patterns, and I know I’m missing some.  Better go fishing!  Still not seeing many browns, but some very nice rainbows!

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