Fishing Has Just Been Pretty Darn Good!

Feeling some chilly mornings the past few days.  Low 40s several mornings.  This morning felt pretty good and it has been a beautiful, sunny day as have the past few days.  Looks like we might have a chance of showers tomorrow through Saturday.  Friday really looks like the best chances.  Temperatures should be in the mid to upper 70s for the next several days.

Lots of wading time every day.  Ran some water this morning early this morning and say they will run a low one this evening for three hours.  Other than that, very little generation which converts to lots of wading time.

Lots of trips out over the past week and in between that was the annual Southern Council FF Conclave held in Mountain Home each year.  Last Tuesday, Jim had Jack and Frank from California out for the day.  Great day for these guys, mainly midging and scuding, especially the P&P, blood worm and olive scud.  Did pull a few with the CQ streamer, but it was spotty.  Stan had Dub and Ron, from Texas, out all day.  These guys also had a great day on the ruby & P&P midges. 

Wednesday, Bob and Bob, from Oklahoma, spent half a day with Stan.  Both were brand new to fly fishing, but caught on real quick.  They had a very good day on the P&P and ruby midges. 

Alex - 10/4/12

Phil, who lives here in Branson, had a visitor from Romania, Alex.  He wanted to introduce him to fly fishing so Gina took the two of them out on Thursday.  As we have been experiencing here lately, mornings have been starting out slow.  This morning was no different, but Alex did hook into a nixe 16-1/2″ rainbow for one of his first trout on a fly rod.  Fishing did pick up and they had a wonderful, fun day.

Gina and Carolyn spent Friday and Saturday at the Conclave.  Rainy Friday and they were running water at Bull Shoals.  Saturday was a little nicer, but still running water.  The alternative was Norfork. 

Friday, Jim had Dale, from Missouri out all day.  Think this was a birthday present.  Good day for Dale pulling the streamers.  Darrell and Stan had three generations out on Friday.  Stan had Eric, his father, Dale and Darrell had Eric’s two sons, Ben and Adam.  All were new to fly fishing and wanted to give it a try.  Fun day for everyone and everyone caught some fish.  Stan had his guys on the P&P, size 18 ruby as well as the big ruby.  Darrell had Ben and Adam throwing the P&P and black midge with copper head. 

Tina & Ralph from St. Robert, took half a day trip with Dana Sunday.   Both brand new.  Slow day for these two on the P&P midge.  More new fly fishers, Travis and Mike from Kansas, took half a day trip with Stan.  Pretty slow day for these guys too.  Did catch some on the P&P and ruby midges.  And the Louisiana Kerrs floated with Darrell and Carolyn Sunday.  Late morning start for this group, which probably was good.  As we mentioned, mornings have been slow for a few days.  As the day went on, fishing was good.  Dawn, who was with Carolyn, had a good day on the ruby midge dropped under the Big Ugly.  One nice 17″ rainbow.  Darrell had Albert and JA, and they did well on the P&P and copper dun midges.  As always, a really fun day!  Jim had Darrin and Mitchell, from Columbia out for half a day.  Good day pulling streamers.  They also fished the ugly midge with a blood worm dropper.

Monday, Lynda and Rich, from Belle, MO came back for more instruction and fishing with Carolyn.  They took the two day school this past June and needed a brush up.  Although the morning start out a little slow, it certainly picked up on the ruby midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback.

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