Let’s Go Fishing!

Although we were threatened with rain most of this past week, we never really had as much as they kept predicting.  Temperatures continue to range in the upper 70s to low 80s.  Today has not made the 70s, although it was supposed to.

No or low generation most of the day.  Nothing is happening today the way it was projected.  No generation was projected until last this afternoon.  Think they turned on a low one around 10:00 a.m. and it was still on at 3:00 p.m.  Good news, most everyone is catching fish with this nice low flow.

Fun day on the water this past Wednesday.  Carolyn had Jim and Brenda, from Butler on the water all day.  No generation when we started.  Fish were spotty, catch several here and several there.  Best patterns were the P&P midge in the a.m.  Clouded up, so we switched to the copper dun.  Layed off this so we finished with the ruby.  Used the big ugly for our indicators, and caught several fish on the big ugly.  Few on the CQ streamer.  Rain chased us off the water for a little while and not too long after we got back on the water, they decided to turn on a generator for a little while. 

Jim had Tom and Dave from the St. Louis area out all day Thursday.  Fairly new fly fishers and had a good day on the black midge, a blood worm, and an olive scud. 

Friday, Jim took Brian from Texas out all day.  They did well on the CQ, a black midge with copper head and a size 6 bug eye bugger.  Stan had David and Suzanne from Eureka, MO.  Fun and good day for them on the red midge, the P&P and the big ruby.  Had one generator going all day. 

Jan - 9-28-12

 Jan, from Battlefield, MO. spent the morning and early afternoon with Carolyn.  He had a good day on the P&P dropped under a peach egg. 

Today, Ted and Janis from Oklahoma spent the morning with Jim.  Best patterns were the CQ, red midge and black midge with copper head.

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