It Was Almost The Perfect Day!

Great weather we are having.  Temperatures continue in the mid to upper 80s.  Expecting a chance of rain coming in Thursday night and continuing into Friday morning.  This will lower the temperatures into the 70s for Friday and Saturday, but back into the lower 80s for Sunday and early part of next week.

So far this week, we have had low one to two generators.  Projection for tomorrow in low one most of the morning, then a full one from noon for an hour then low two for a couple hours and back to one generator.  Should turn on around 8:00 p.m.

Mike, from Oklahoma spent yesterday on the water with Carolyn.  Beautiful day.  First or second drift of the size 18 black zebra midge under the big ruby brought in a nice male rainbow.  Picked up several more on the drift down.  As the morning went on, another horn and water speed picked up so we found some slow moving water and dropped a golden variant sculpin on the bottom using a 200 gr. sinking line.  New technique for Mike and once he got the hang of it, he really enjoyed fishing this was.  Lots of hits and misses…need to work on the strip set!  Did land several this way and had a fun afternoon working this line.   About time to drift out so we changed back to the big ruby and ruby dropper.  didn’t take long to figure out this was not what they wanted.  Changed out to a peach egg with a size 14 black zebra under it.  Action was back.  Last good spot of the drift over a shallow gravel area, line shot out like a bullet.  Couldn’t get “let it run” out fast enough.  Snapped the line, jumped to say “good bye” and it was over.  It’s always the nice ones, and it was a very nice one, that get away!  That’s what keeps us coming back!  That would have been the perfect end to a perfect day.

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