Georgous Weather!

Looks like all the rain is through area for a while and mild temperatures have set in.  Today’s high will be mid 70s.  Low 80s Sunday and Monday, moving into the mid to upper 80s for the rest of the week.  Lots of sunshine.  Slight chance of rain by Friday.

Most of this past week has been no generation in the morning, then the equivalent of one for 2-3 hours.  Wednesday and Thursday we had generation all day.  Low in the morning, but ramping up to the equivalent of two by afternoon.  Yesterday it was on for three hours very early, off and back on late for three hours.  A low one generator projected for all day today.  No generation tomorrow until very late and then only for an hour.

Jim, from Wisconsin, came back and fished half a day with Stan this past Wednesday.  They had a good day on the red midge with a P&P dropper.  Also caught some stripping the holographic green crackleback. 

Hearing reports of some larger fish cruising around.  A couple browns spotted three to four days ago down by Lookout Island, one 6-8 pounds and the other probably 8-10 pounds.  Nice brown up by outlet 2 yesterday and 2-3 nice rainbows below the root wad below the rebar a couple days ago.

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