Beautiful Day and Fish Are Happy!

What a wonderful weekend.  A little windy today, but a little chop on the water certainly doesn’t hurt the fishing.  Continued nice days through Thursday.  Temperatures tomorrow in the low 80s, Tuesday through Thursday in the mid to upper 80s.  Slight chance of showers Friday with the temperatures dropping to the upper 70s by the weekend.  Sweet!

Generation schedule is still giving us lots of wading opportunity.  Yesterday they ran a low one most of the day so wading was good.  Today we had no generation all day (although they sounded one horn around 10:00 a.m.)  Monday is projected at a low one generator most of the day.

Don and Valarie, from St. Louis, fished with Stan yesterday.  They had a good time, really enjoyed our fishery and caught fish on the red midge and the Primrose & Pearl midge. 

Remember Carolyn took Vickie and her son Chris out last Wednesday for their first fly fishing experience.  Vickie was ready to try it again today, so Carolyn took her and her husband Joe out for a long half day.  Good day on the water.  For a while we thought Joe was holding his mouth wrong as Vickie was catching most of the fish.  However, things improved and they were both catching.  We started out with the black zebra with the copper head.  Once the sun got bright and the fished layed off the black midge, it was the primrose & pearl midge.  Joe caught several on the CQ streamer, but not as much action as the midges, so we finished up the day with the midges and they had two doubles in a row (both hooked a fish at the same time)  Great way to finish up the trip!  And, of course, there was that really nice one Vickie had on that cleared the water and spit her fly back at her.  That’s okay, he’ll be there for the next time.

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