And It’s Still Fishing Good!

Showers threatening us this morning, but once we get past that, we will have a mostly cloudy for the rest of the day then chance of occasional showers tonight.  Cool temperatures in the low 70s.  Saturday looks like showers  with scattered thunderstorms Sunday.  All this moisture will keep temperatures in the 70-80s.

Generation is off this morning and projected to be off until 2:00 p.m.  We’ll see what the weekend will bring later this afternoon.

Fishing continues to be good.  Four boats on the water yesterday, all with good days and seeing lots of folks wade fishing and brining in fish.  Huston from Florida spent the morning with Stan.  Huston has been a regular since 2007 and is becoming a pretty good fly flinger.  Fast and furious first thing in the morning on the P&P.  when this slowed down, he started stripping the holographic green crackleback to finish up his trip.  Jim had Jack and his friend from Oregon, Pak Ho, out for the afternoon.  They mixed up midging with the #12 ruby and #16 red midge, and pulling the CQ streamer to have a good day.  Darrell had Larry and Al, from the St. Louis area, out all day.  Good day for these guys on the P&P and egg pattern.  They had to cool off their arms last night!

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