Yeah! Not Much….but it was rain!

We have had some rain over the past couple days.  Maybe a quarter to half inch at a time, but it was rain and you can actually see some green back in our front yard.  Hard, heavy showers with lots of wind, so it blew things around a little, but we certainly are not complaining.  Chances of showers today and tomorrow (slight), then a cool down…in the 90s! starting Monday into next weekend.  Would that be nice!?

Still getting wading time in the a.m.  Scheduled to leave it off yesterday until late, but turned it on just after noon.  Everyday is a new day.  Scheduled to come on today at 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. but as of 3:00 p.m. it was still off. 

Tom and his friend David, took 1/2 day trip with Darrell Monday.  Pretty good day for these two guys on the black midge with the copper head and copper wire. 

Eric - 7/31/12

Tuesday, Stan had two Texas guys, Eric and his friend Bill out all day.  Pretty slow day on the water.  It was one of those one to two hit or fish per pattern days.  Went through lots of patterns, but the P&P, red and the black midges were the best for them. 

One of Stan’s regulars who had not been here for a couple years, John from Kentucky, showed up for a trip on  Wednesday.  Good day on the CQ streamer and copper dun midge.  First time for John to use a sinking line and he really liked this.  Think he went home with one plus several CQs.

Peter - 8/1/12

Peter and his son, Peter, Jr. can nost boast they caught trout in Missouri.  These two from New Jersey spent the morning with Darrell Thursday.  Nice 17 inch rainbow for Peter, Jr. (not shown) on the P&P midge.  Jim and Stan had Bob, from Branson, and his grandson, Ryan, and his parents Randy and Pam out Thursday morning.   Bob and Ryan had a good day with Stan on the copper dun midge.  Randy and Pam worked a lot with Jim on casting and also caught some fish on the CQ and the P&P midge.  Everyone, except Bob, was a new fly fisher.

Ryan - 8/2/12

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