More Rain!

Had a pretty good rainfall last night and early this morning.  My grass is now green!  No more rain in the forecast after today, but the temperatures look like they are going to be in the mid 90s through the weekend.  Yeah!

Still a pretty similar pattern in generation.  We had up and down low one to low two generators yesterday…all day.  Today it is off until this afternoon when it will come on for a while.  Bull Shoals is running today, so we will see low one to low two generators tomorrow.  The pattern seems to be Bulls Shoals one day and Table Rock the other day.  But, on the days it is off, we get plenty of wading time in the morning.  Also, with the low one when they turn it on, you can still wade many places.

Fishing has been tough the past few days.  Catching some fish, but really having to work for them. 

Jack - 8/4/12

Four of us on the water yesterday.  Stan had Cory and his son, Jack, out for the morning.  This was Jack’s  first time fly fishing and he did very well.  Think he outfished his Dad.  This was a big ruby midge day for them as they ran various levels of water all day.  Jim was working with Jeff’s friend, Rosie, on casting.  Rosie is brand new to fly fishing and she and Jeff caught fish on the CQ streamer, the big ruby and the size 18 ruby midges.  Larry and Legail spent the morning with Darrell.  Their best pattern was also the big ruby.  Carolyn had some more new fly fisher with her, Matt and Catlin from Texas.  I think these two are going to become good fly fishers.  Both have a good start on their casts.  Before the morning was over, they were both throwing a good line to pull the CQ streamer.  Missed several fish, picked and rolled several fish, but also landed several on the big ruby and the CQ streamer.

Stan and Jim took out a neat family from Overland Park, KS.  Jeff, his wife Lisa, and their two children, Holden and Sarah spent this morning catching a few fish.  Holden and Sarah did some basic casting work, but Jim did let them take a break and catch fish on the black zebra with a copper head and wire.  Stan had Jeff and Lisa on the P&P and black zebra/copper midges.  Slow day, but again, they did catch some fish.

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